The Great "Orin Isaacs" Bassist, Bandleader and Producer!

Not only is he an incredible Bass Player, Orin Isaacs owns & runs 3 companies Ruff Rhyme Music Publishing which is a co-venture with EMI Music Publishing Canada for songwriting/composition & Artist Development “Swing Low Productions” music production for TV & Artists “Moca Music” a record label distributed in Canada by EMI Music Canada he is currently the Musical Director/Bassist for Canadian Idol. He has 3 Juno Awards as well as 1 Gold and 4 Platinum selling albums to his major label record production credit and he does a ton of music for TV.

Thanks for checking him out. Be sure to get a copy of his latest CD you won’t be disappointed! Orin has been a major factor in the development of the latest generation of Vadim Basses. His personal collection of Vadim Basses have some unique specifications, like the one without control knobs! Through his insight and expertise he has helped in the design and engineering process allowing a new level of Vadim Bass guitar to be offered to the most descriminating players. Be sure to check him out playing his Vadim Basses whenever you can.


Orin with his Vadim Basses


A Canadian Idol for sure!!