Basslife was the fullfiling of a dream of John Faison, a professional bass player, collector, bass tech and lover of custom, vintage and collectible bass guitars. John Faison felt that he might be able to offer some of his experience and passion to other bass players trying to make an educated decision when purchasing what might be thedream bass of their lives. John Faison has been playing, performing, recording, collecting, repairing and consulting on bass guitars for over 40 years having personally owned and performed with some of the most sought after bass guitars made in the world! His personal collection has included over 150 basses. Everything from vintage fenders and the known and somewhat unknown rare collectibles, to the very highest end of custom bass guitars from companies like Alembic, Kinal, Ken Smith, F Basses, Sadowsky, CB Basses, Modulus, Elricks, Nordstrand, Warwicks, Fender Custom Shop, to Zon, with Many Brands in between.

An incredible variety of instruments have passed through his hands. John has either owned personally or played and recorded with at least two of almost any thing you could think of to name.

With luthiers like Vadim Rubtsov, Fodera, Rick Turner, Keith Roscoe, the Carvin Custom Shop and Matt Puchinella to name only a very few, building custom basses for John he has an insight that few players get to explore. In case you are wondering, john has been and continues to be a very successful bassplayer and bandleader for many years. Being fortunate enough to be able to explore his passion he wants to share the experience he has gained in his journey. John is very aware that many musicians are not economically fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience testing many diversified instruments. It is for this reason and with this experience and knowledge combined with the expertise and assistance of many friends and associates like master luthier Vadim Rubstov as well as the electronics wizardry of Ilitch Chiliachki / Ilitch Electronics that makes this possible. These facts, combined with the technical knowledge gained from working on instrument design, repair and setup, that assures you that John Faison really knows bass guitars!

Many bass players will attest to the benefits of getting advice or their bass setup or through the Basslife process. It is with the utmost pleasure that John Faison enjoys working with bass players from all over the world, consulting with them in making a sound decision when choosing the right bass for them. John has seen his instruments go to Australia, Germany, France, the UK, the Philipines, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, and all over the United States. What great experiences to explore with fellow musicians and the common thread is the bass guitar. No matter where we are from, we share the same love for the instrument and the path never ends! This consultation service is free of charge!

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