Vadim Rubtsov Custom Handmade Basses

vadimrubtsov01My concept is to build handmade instruments that are one of a kind, as unique as the musicians. When performing, a musician communicates his personality, abilities and energy to the listener. My instruments are created to enhance the best performance possible

Twenty years ago I started to build basses and guitars and I have not wavered from path. Over the years input from musicians have led me to believe that an instrument has to be a harmonious part of player’s body and soul. From my experience I know that in some cases the physical attributes of the player call for a specifically designed bass or guitar.

I do not have line of production, shapes or standard models. Every musician has an idea what his dream instrument has to look and feel like. I incorporate their desires with my skills and knowledge. As a result a musician gets an unique instrument hand crafted by one person from the beginning to the end. Neck length and width, number of frets, shape of the body, electronics and other technical details are subjects for your choice to make your ultimate guitar or bass.

Usually I start working on new instrument from drawing it on paper. The customer is actively involved in the process communicating his ideas and concepts. The woodwork comes into play after all the details are discussed and agreed upon.

My passion was always shaping and working with exotic woods. The intricate pattern of the wood adds to the beauty, and density, weight, level of humidity inputs the quality of the sound of the instrument. For the neck construction I especially like to choose the hardest exotic woods such as wenge, bubinga, purple heart. They are incredibly strong and allow to built a thin but stable neck through construction without dead notes, maximum sustain, brightness and good balance. For the body I often use a combination of exotic and domestic woods.

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Global Bass talks with Vadim Rubtsov (Global Bass Online. December 2000)

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