Frequently Asked Questions

The following types of hard wood are being used for neck contraction. These woods provide for better stability and sustain:
Neck: 5, 9, 13 pieces – padauk, wenge, bubinga, purple heart, jutoba, maple, walnut, cherry
Body: Figured maple, walnut, spolted wood, ash, cherry in combination with exotic woods such as lacewood, leopard, padauk etc.

Ordering a bass starts with a discussion (preferably by phone, but e-mail exchange is possible too). You and Vadim will discuss the appearance of your future instrument in great details, as well as the materials to be used, the quality of the sound, the kind of finish. You will also discuss the price and the timelines. The second step is filling out the order form, recording all the above specifications and details you and Vadim agreed on.

Prices vary depending on the specifications and the choice of wood and parts. Exotic woods are more expensive. The down payment is $1000. This amount covers parts and materials. The rest of the amount is due upon delivery of the instrument.

Anywhere from 2 to 6 month depending on the complexity of the order and the number of pending orders.

Custom 4 band EQ active set up of pick ups and electronics designed by Ilitch Electronics (based in US). The customer is welcome to request any other brand.

Oil finish – 6 coats of tung oil rubbed and polished. Satin, semi-gloss and high gloss (pre-cut nitrocell or polyurethane)

Vadim strongly prefers to keep his design, but is open to discuss reasonable changes, especially if these changes are needed to accommodate customer’s physical attributes (i.e. small hands or large hands, left handedness, reduced weight of an instrument). Under no circumstances will Vadim copy a design of another brand.

Vadim will work with a client to find reasonable compromise. Keep in mind that the instrument has to be highly functional. Certain designs can work against functionality and playability

Your New Vadim Bass Guitar Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship in Vadim products purchased in the U.S.A. and Canada.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover:
(1) damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, rental, product modificationor neglect;
(2) damage occurring during shipment;
(3) damage caused by repair or service performed by persons not authorizedby Vadim and Basslife USA;
(4) products that have been altered, defaced or modified;
(5) products not purchased directly from Vadim Basses or Basslife / USA.

Who This Warranty Protects: This Warranty protects only the original purchaser of the product. How Long This

Warranty Lasts: The Warranty begins on the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The duration of the Warranty for Bass Guitars is 2 years.

What Vadim Basses Will Do: We will repair or replace (at Vadims’s discretion) products covered by warranty at no charge for labor or materials. If the product orcomponent must be shipped to Vadim for warranty service, the consumer must pay initial shipping charges. If the repairs are covered bywarranty, Vadim Basses will pay the return shipping charges.

How To Get Warranty Service:
(1) Contact Vadim Basses in Canada or Basslife in the USA.
(2) Upon approval from Vadim Basses or Basslife USA take the defective instrument and your sales receipt to any certified Bass Guitar technician or guitar service center for confirmation of condition and needed repairs. Vadim Basses will either reimburse original purchaser or pay the approved repair facility directly.
(3) All Vadim Basses can be serviced or repaired locally in the Toronto area by appointment only.