Marc Stocker’s Vadim Fretless 5 String 4 Band EQ

Above is the new Vadim Fretless 5 String built for Colorado Bassist and Flautist, Marc Stocker with the new screwless covers!

Marc ‘s Vadim Fretless also features a Cherry Burst finish with a bookmatched top. Lined Maccasar Ebony fingerboard. Vadim 4 Band EQ and Pickups. Matching Pickup covers and Headstock. The neck on his Vadim has the 13 piece option and Maccasar Ebony lined fingerboard. With the 4 band eq this Vadim will cover all the Basses!
THIS BASS IS COMPLETED and in Marc’s hands!
Marc has another Fretted Vadim 5 String, and with this Fretless he is ready for any gig that might come his way!

Features & Specs

· Real hardwood body and neck
· Neck through body construction for superior tone and sustain
· Multi-piece necks standard
· Exotic hardwood fretboards available
· 13.5 tilt-back headstock, eliminating troublesome string tees
· 24 frets standard… a full two octaves!
· Basses offered with choice of scale length (34″ standard for 4 string, 35″ standard for 5 and higher)
· Sealed enclosed tuners standard
· Choice of black, chrome, or gold hardware
· “Straight pull” headstock design for smooth tuning
· Choice of select body hardwoods including cherry, ash, mahogany, maple, walnut, and others*
· Wooden trussrod and control cavity covers


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