Here is a new Vadim 4 String just finished and all I can say is he has done it again!! Vadim has a way with a 4 string that is absolute magic. This is a killer bass with the new 4 band EQ system. It has a 4 piece body of Curly Maple/Padauk/Maple/Leopard wood construction.

It features the 9 piece neck option with a Bacote fingerboard and 34in scale length. Matching tapered laminations in the neck and beautiful matching pickup covers and headstock. Hipshot Gold plated hardware and Gold knobs. This is ready for some lucky bass player to enjoy now without the custom order wait time. The last one flew out of here and this one is another jewel.

I cannot begin to tell you how special this Bass is. This Bass falls into the top “5” category of the Best Basses made by any builder. You have not experienced the combination of sound feel and playability that this Bass offers. There are subtle differences that I don’t even want to mention because we do not want them copied that make this Bass feel the way it does, but they have been refined over time with careful attention to what an advanced player needs to have this instrument respond the way it does. This is not hype this is fact! This is a rare Bass and you will never see many of them offered.

This Bass is only available from Basslife.
Call now 201-452-4491 or e-mail any questions at: basslife@basslife.nett

Features & Specs

· Real hardwood body and neck
· Neck through body construction for superior tone and sustain
· Multi-piece necks standard
· Exotic hardwood fretboards available
· 13.5 tilt-back headstock, eliminating troublesome string tees
· 24 frets standard… a full two octaves!
· Basses offered with choice of scale length (34″ standard for 4 string, 35″ standard for 5 and higher)
· Sealed enclosed tuners standard
· Choice of black, chrome, or gold hardware
· “Straight pull” headstock design for smooth tuning
· Choice of select body hardwoods including cherry, ash, mahogany, maple, walnut, and others*
· Wooden trussrod and control cavity covers

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